Aaron Rieke


Director of Tech Policy Projects, Upturn

What can your ISP see? Facts to keep in mind as you consider the FCC’s new privacy proposal.

The FCC just proposed privacy rules for Internet service providers. Here are some key technical facts.

All zero rating is not created equal.

T-Mobile has is offering promising but imperfect “zero rating” scheme. Verizon’s approach is more troubling: It could distort Internet access in ways that net neutrality advocates have spent years trying to prevent.



Google student privacy complaint isn’t so black and white.

Last month, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a complaint against Google with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), arguing that the company violated a public commitment to protect students’ privacy. Google has room to improve, but students shouldn’t be deprived of practical features that are relevant to their education.

State Agencies Struggle With Data, Report Finds

Despite states’ increasing reliance on the data they collect, the volume and quality of that data falls “dangerously short,” concludes a new study. Social programs and civil rights reforms might suffer as a result.

Lending, Data, and Civil Rights Conference Highlights Tough Questions

Will use of new data to make credit eligibility decisions be helpful, or hurtful? How can we better understand and regulate the financial “lead generation” market, which sells people’s data to lenders, and sometimes fraudsters? These questions were the focus at a recent conference.