Pulling it all together.

Project Include looks to make tech more inclusive.

Project Interlude is a collective effort by eight prominent women in the tech industry to create an “open community working toward providing meaningful diversity and inclusion solutions for tech companies.”

Want to video your vote? That could be illegal.

The social network Snapchat, in an amicus brief challenging New Hampshire’s ban on ballot selfies, argues that ballot selfies are “the latest way that voters, especially young voters, engage with the political process.”

All zero rating is not created equal.

T-Mobile has is offering promising but imperfect “zero rating” scheme. Verizon’s approach is more troubling: It could distort Internet access in ways that net neutrality advocates have spent years trying to prevent.

Bending The Moral Arc of the Gig Economy

New apps like Uber and Airbnb are efficient and innovative. But they also entice people to break or avoid rules, argues Tom Slee in a newly published book. Is it time for conscious consumerism in the Gig Economy?

Online Ads’ Black Box a Mystery, Even to Companies Themselves

A recent study highlights how ads can be discriminatory, and underscores just how little researchers and advocates know about the online ad industry.