Pulling it all together.

State Agencies Struggle With Data, Report Finds

Despite states’ increasing reliance on the data they collect, the volume and quality of that data falls “dangerously short,” concludes a new study. Social programs and civil rights reforms might suffer as a result.

Facebook Algorithm Study Sparks Debate

A new study by three Facebook researchers attempts to explain how Facebook’s News Feed algorithm affects how users see ideologically diverse news stories. Academics have criticized the study’s conclusion and lack of transparency.

Sparked by a Database, Supreme Court Weighs Narrowing the Courthouse Door

In Spokeo v. Robins, the Court will consider if a plaintiff can sue when they cannot show a particular harm beyond a violation of federal law.

Walter Scott Bystander Video Burdened by Copyright Claim

The video of Walter Scott’s shooting not only led to murder charges against Officer Michael Slager, but also highlighted the importance of bystander video. That video is now burdened by a copyright claim asserted by Feidin Santana, the bystander who filmed the shooting.

Lending, Data, and Civil Rights Conference Highlights Tough Questions

Will use of new data to make credit eligibility decisions be helpful, or hurtful? How can we better understand and regulate the financial “lead generation” market, which sells people’s data to lenders, and sometimes fraudsters? These questions were the focus at a recent conference.