Google student privacy complaint isn’t so black and white.

Last month, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a complaint against Google with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), arguing that the company violated a public commitment to protect students’ privacy. Google has room to improve, but students shouldn’t be deprived of practical features that are relevant to their education.

Clever helps 44,000 schools share student data with tech firms. What comes next?

A new company, Clever, is helping public schools share data with education technology companies. But what happens next?

Texas’ special needs classrooms will soon be on video. Is this good for kids?

Spurred by vivid accounts of abuse, a new Texas law — potentially the first of its kind in the nation — is poised to require video monitoring in most special needs classrooms. The law is part of a broader move toward more video surveillance in schools.

Pending Bills Aim to Define Student Privacy in Digital Age

Digital learning tools, and the companies behind them, are transforming classrooms. But policy hasn’t kept pace: the federal law that protects students’ privacy (called FERPA), is over forty years old. Several pending bills would revise the law, both to authorize new high-tech practices and to protect students against emerging threats.

Use of Body Cams by School Officials Prompts Concern

A school district in Iowa will purchase body-worn cameras for use by administrators and principals. Advocates question the wisdom of the policy.