New technologies and new data are reshaping how business happens, from complex insurance to every day purchases.

#AirbnbWhileBlack: Exposing hidden biases in the sharing economy.

What's the backstory behind racial discrimination on sharing economy platforms like Airbnb?

Using online ads, payday loan marketers sidestep state laws

What happens when people search for short-term loans on Google or Bing? Today, they see ads from “lead generators,” marketers that offer payday loans. Lead generators are central the online payday lending industry, and they often advertise to consumers living in states where payday lending is illegal. These companies are the focus of Upturn’s new report, Led Astray.



Tipping, power, and the gig economy

Debate Emerges Over Sharing Economy Workers

Companies, judges, and advocates are beginning to debate the status of sharing economy workers.

FCC Chairman Proposes Subsidizing Broadband for the Poor

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler proposed subsidizing broadband access for the poor, emphasizing the importance of Internet access in today’s society.