New technologies and new data are reshaping how business happens, from complex insurance to every day purchases.

Income Smoothing Only a Partial Solution

A new startup looks to take the stress out of an irregular income through a process called “income smoothing.”

Life Insurer Offers Discount for Data

John Hancock will be the first life insurance company in the U.S. to offer individualized life insurance pricing. It will provide discounts to consumers who allow the company to continuously monitor their health data through activity trackers. But can individualized pricing harm those who have the least?

FICO’s New Score

FICO is piloting a new credit scoring approach in the hope of expanding access to credit to millions of underbanked American consumers. The new approach will rely on “alternative data” sources, like utility bills and cable bills, to score individuals with little or no recorded credit history.

Consumer Protection Agency Seeks Limits on Payday Loans

Seeking to prevent “debt traps,” the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) last week proposed potential new regulations for the payday lending industry.

Massachusetts’ Food Stamps Software Criticized for Severing Benefits

Massachusetts is attempting to modernize its food stamp program with new fraud detection software that advocates claim has cut off thousands of deserving residents.