Online Life

The Internet gives people a fresh way to connect — but it can also be a new place for old biases to reassert themselves. We’re keeping an eye out for new problems, and creative new ways to address them.

Menstrual Cycle Tracking is Still Missing from Apple’s HealthKit

Apple’s HealthKit is a popular platform for tracking personal health and fitness data. But the platform has a striking omission: it doesn’t offer a way to track menstrual cycles.

A Look at the Net Neutrality Order

The FCC recently voted to reclassify broadband Internet service as a common carriage service. We summarize the order's key points, and survey initial reactions to it.

Amid Controversy, Social App Yik Yak Struggles to Provide Anonymity Without Abuse

The new app has no usernames, just anonymous posts by nearby users. It's a wide open environment that can be fun and spontaneous — but has also become a platform for racism, bullying, and abuse. The app's creators are tinkering with their system to make it more friendly.

AT&T Expands Its “Pay-for-Privacy” Broadband Program

Users must pay a premium, or have their online traffic tracked and analyzed by the carrier.

‘This American Life’ Features Heartbreaking Story Highlighting Online Harassment

‘This American Life’ this week features a poignant story of internet harassment. Self-professed “fat” writer Lindy West describes a troll who impersonated her recently deceased father, researching personal details to make the impersonation realistic. But when Ms. West publicly described the pain of the experience, her troll revealed himself and apologized.